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Unattended Payment Readers

KioPlay offers a variety of Unattended Payment Readers that are built to accommodate a host of payment options, including stored value from Game Cards and Wristbands. You can maximize usage at your amusement facility by offering customers one of our modern and intuitive solutions.

Ultra VXT

With a vivid LCD screen in full color, the touchscreen provides ample room for multiple prices to be displayed, allowing for the efficient collection of revenue. The Ultra VXT has a fully-customizable interface, and all payment options are accepted for payment at the machine.

Ultra LX Series

The touchscreen interface allows you to display more price options and, in turn, collect more revenue. The Ultra LX Pro is a turnkey Pay-at-the-Machine reader solution, just Tap and Play!
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Prime Connect Series

Highly secure, fast, and accurate – the Prime Connect reader works with our Power Up Stations for your connected room and supports our KioPay Mobile app in addition to Game Cards.
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Reasons to count on KioPlay’s
Payment Readers

Plug and Play

Our solutions include all the necessary components for simple, plug-and-play installation.

Perfect Size

Our compact readers are sized to easily fit in any amusement environment.


Our backend enterprise management software provides web-based reader configuration, financial reporting, and equipment health & management.

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