Transforming your business with Powerful & Intuitive Cashless Payment Solutions

KioPlay by KioSoft offers comprehensive, connected solutions for everything amusement. The KioPlay platform combines state-of-the-art hardware with network-ready secure software products. The KioPlay connected payment platform is Simple, Comprehensive and Harmonious.

Some of our Partners include


Our cashless arcade/ barcade card payment system allows for swift gaming payments. Upgrade your amusement facility with self-service systems to keep payments (and fun) flowing.

Cinemas & Theatres

KioPlay can improve gaming payments at your cinema, adding more fun to movie night! Our unattended payment readers and connected payment systems help customers pay quickly and easily, making family fun the focus.

Bowling Alleys

Roll a strike every time with bowling arcade payment systems from KioPlay connected amusement. Gaming payment is simplified with our unattended payment readers so your customers can focus on having fun.

Amusement Theme Parks

Theme Park operators can streamline services with our connected unattended payment solutions. Our tap & pay readers, and backend management allow seamless payments at your amusement park.

Amusement Operators

Our integrated payment and management platform will help make payments easier for the street operators, so their customers can focus on game skills!

Family Entertainment Centers

Integrated payment solutions for your Family Entertainment Center. We help FECs integrate state-of-the-art connected payment technology to keep payments easy for customers and revenue streams easy for you.

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