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Connected Payment Solutions for Amusement

Connected Payment Solutions

KioPlay by KioSoft offers comprehensive, connected payment solutions for every amusement facility. The KioPlay platform for amusement combines our state-of-the-art hardware with our network-ready, secure software products.

Simple. Comprehensive. Harmonious. The KioPlay connected payment platform will transform your business, allowing for quick, cashless payments for customers.

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Reasons to count on

Reasons to count on KioPlay

KioPlay Connected Amusement Solutions are a combination of our Power Up Stations(Kiosks), Unattended Payment Readers, Backend Enterprise Management Software, and Mobile Payment App. We are a one-stop solution for your amusement facility.

The KioPlay team works with amusement operators to understand each unique application. We then provide our customers with effective, tailor-made solutions.

Our technology helps you reduce or eliminate the cost of coin collection and receive payments seamlessly. Most importantly, it facilitates a frictionless customer experience resulting in more usage, helping you increase your bottom line.

Our solutions can be customized to suit your brand, boosting your brands recognition with the gamers at your facility.

Our state-of-the-art solutions offer the best value in the market.
With North American offices in the US and Canada, our staff provides you with support throughout your journey with us. From installation to repair requests, our team is happy to guide you through it all.

Our Solutions

Power Up Stations + Game Cards

Want to avoid bottlenecks at your amusement facility? You can say Game Over to the lineup with our easy-to-use, self-serve kiosks. KioPlay Power Up Stations allow your customers to purchase game cards, recharge their cards, check out their account balance, and earn rewards. 

Unattended Payment Readers

KioPlay offers a variety of Unattended Payment Readers that are built to accommodate a host of payment options, including Game Cards. You can maximize usage at your amusement facility by offering customers one of our modern and intuitive solutions.

KioPay Mobile App

Maximize your revenue by offering customers with the most convenient way to pay through our free KioPay Mobile App. Mobile App payments are proven to generate the highest spend, as customers simply load a balance with their preferred credit or debit card and play away to their heart’s content without feeling restrained. With the convenience of the app, the customer keeps coming back!

SCOREBOARD Management Software

Take control of your amusement operation with KioPlay’s SCOREBOARD backend management software. This innovative backend management tool makes work processes more efficient by combining web-based reader configuration, financial reporting, and equipment health & management reporting.

Reshaping & Simplifying Payment Operations for Everything Amusement


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Reshaping & Simplifying Payment Operations for Everything Amusement



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